We primarily work with business debt collection cases.  Examples of our creditors and clients include Suppliers, Contractors, Doctors, Dentist, etc.  Basically any company that has done business on credit.  We also do a lot of mechanics lien work.  Mechanics lien work comes into play when someone has done improvement to real estate.  This could be a supplier that supplied goods to a project, or someone who has supplied labor to a project.  Someone who has improved real estate has the right to file a mechanics and materialman’s lien within 90 days from their last day on the job.

Here is a short video describing Mechanic’s Liens

Georgia completely revamped their mechanics lien laws back in 2009.  Our law firm is very experienced with these new laws, and we handle thousands of lien cases and public bond cases.  Georgia has very strong mechanic’s lien laws, but they have very strict deadlines.  The first deadline is the need to file within 90 days from your last work on the job.  After that, in order to perfect your lien, you have to file a lawsuit within one year from the time you file your lien.

Lien Waivers

One situation that often complicates a case, is the presence of a lien waiver.  There are several types of lien waivers, and the video below gives a brief description of each.

If someone asks you to sign a lien waiver, we recommend that you refuse, until you contact our office first for legal advice.