As a small business owner, you face many challenges that are unique to the way you do business. One of these challenges is seen in how you collect debt. Collecting unpaid debt as a small business is incredibly difficult. Consumers may believe you don’t have the manpower or resources to take action against their delinquency and in many cases, they are right.

Hiring a debt collection attorney may seem like too large of an expense when you look at the budget for your small business, but we believe it is essential to the health of most small businesses, here’s why:

Debt collection attorneys have the resources and manpower needed to collect unpaid debt. When small businesses involve debt collection attorneys in their collection efforts, consumers are much more likely to perceive that you are serious about collecting the money owed you. Additionally, as a law office that specializes in debt collection, these lawyers have the resources and manpower needed to collect on unpaid debts.

Debt collection attorneys have expert knowledge of debt collection laws and best practices. You became a small business owner because you are an expert in your industry, but when it comes to debt collection you may still have a lot to learn. When you partner with a debt collection attorney, you can rely on the expert knowledge they have obtained through years of collecting unpaid debt and studying law.

Debt collection attorneys can elevate debt collection beyond typical practices. As a small business owner there is only so much you can do to collect debt. If you work with a debt collection attorney, they are able to employ wage garnishment, foreclosure or even levying of the debtor’s bank account.

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