Every case is different but at Howe & Associates our debt collection process has been refined by over 30 years of civil trial experience. ¬†Every single case is different and our law firm has handled eighty thousand debt collection cases. Every single one has had different facts and circumstances so every case, while it’s different our procedures which have been established over 30 years of doing this have been refined.

We Follow an Experienced Course of Legal Action:

  1. We take an aggressive posture on our demands. We have collectors and attorneys that make demand calls. We send a series of demand letters and
    all the while we’re contacting our client to let them know what response the debtor is made.
  2. We also conduct in-depth investigations. We do title searches and asset searches. We look at court records to see if there are any other judgments or any other creditors that are also pursuing this debtor.
  3. We report back to you on our findings.

Our general approach is one of taking an aggressive stance early on, and maintaining that until your recovery is complete.

Do You Recommend Filing a Lawsuit?

We like to use all of our years of experience and doing everything we can to collect the debt up front. If the debt cannot be collected amicably we do recommend filing a lawsuit.

If we can find that the debtor has a good address and we can serve them with the summons and complaint. We’ll recommend to our client that they file suit and we will handle the lawsuit.

Will Your Rates Ever Change?

Our rate stays the same it does not change in those cases that go to trial. No matter how much work we do. We will litigate the case in order to obtain a

Your basic phases of your case are:

Amicable collection with demands and collection calls, and collection letters. If the debtor is ignoring that then we’ll recommend lawsuit. We will file the lawsuit and a work toward obtaining a judgment. Then we’ll proceed with judgment collections if the debtor has still not paid.