Your best reference in financial situations threatening court filing is the Lien Attorney in Atlanta. This would be the recommended first call in finding effective solutions to an overwhelming problem like threatened liens being attached to your home, real estate or personal property. While some of these are legal steps that can be taken after a court-approved judgment, there are some threats that an experienced attorney, well trained and familiar with Georgia Lien Laws, can assure you will not happen. New laws such as claims for “general conditions costs” or “overhead costs to manage a job site”, are the types of information you rely on legal representatives to know.

A Lien Attorney in Atlanta will advise you that as part of a court-approved judgment or settlement, a judgment lien gives a creditor the right to get a debt or payment. Under these threatening circumstances, it is wise for a person experiencing financial problems to contact an Attorney in Atlanta experienced in debt collection. Your real estate, condos, houses or personal property like jewelry, art, valuables and vehicles can be sold to provide payment for overdue debt in the amount ordered by the court in Georgia.

A debtor files the judgment with the Georgia Superior Court clerk, who records the judgment and keeps the information on record for seven years.  This strike against your credit will also haunt you for seven years. How you can avoid losing your property and valuables to a debtor can be addressed in your first appointment with your Atlanta Lien Lawyer. The best practice would be to seek debt advice from a legal representative before it gets to court. If your situation is already beyond that, it is strongly recommended that you get legal advice as quickly as possible to work on protecting as much as you can, and begin to legally settle your debt problems.

This problem has greatly increased in these economically traumatic times. Many families in Georgia, just like the rest of the US, are one paycheck away from serious debt. To compound this situation, when someone is laid off or downsized from their company, they face having to pay their own medical expenses or use Cobra, which can be a monthly cost of $900 to $1,200 per month. Most people don’t even qualify for that amount in monthly unemployment compensation or even Worker’s Compensation checks when temporarily disabled. The time for legal help and reliable budgeting assistance and debt consolidation or negotiation is as immediately as possible once you know you will be out of work. It will be an emotional time and families that need financial assistance must get all their paperwork in order.

If you make an appointment with a professional trained in debt negotiation and Georgia lien laws, hard as it is to work through this, you will avoid facing possible home loss, other losses and further stress within your family. There are also questions your lawyer will ask you that can help bring out options you haven’t considered. There may be solutions to your financial situation you are not aware of and perhaps short term and long term fixes. Another reason to get legal help quickly is debtors will deal differently with a legal representative so you will save yourself telephone and mailbox harassment. Once a debtor is contacted by a lawyer, all communication will go through the law offices, no more phone calls, no more threats.