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How Quickly Can You Collect My Debt?

Often times clients ask me, when can we expect our recovery of the debt? I always tell them that every […]

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What Are Your Debt Collection Procedures?

Every case is different but our debt collection process has been refined by over 30 years of civil trial experience. […]

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Am I Required to Attend Court in a Debt Collection Case?

Statistically less than three percent of cases actually go to court. We try and do everything we can do without […]

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What Are The Chances of Successful Debt Collection?

When tasked with collecting a business debt, a common question our firm receives is how likely is the debt to […]

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Piercing the Corporate Veil: Legally Bypass The Corporate Shield

Georgia has a very strong pierce the corporate veil statute and allows you to pierce the corporate veil and go […]

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How to Collect Debt Effectively, Safely, and Legally :: American Rental Association of Georgia

The ARA of Georgia has secured attorney Richard Howe, managing partner of Howe & Associates since 1994, which focuses their […]

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How to Choose a Debt Collection Lawyer

Choosing debt collection lawyer is an important decision. Richard explains why his firm has the experience to help businesses understand […]

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