debt collection documents

The process involving a collections Judgment can be an arduous journey but now the time has arrived to collect your debt. However, before you become too enthusiastic there are 3 facts about a domestication of judgment to collect business debts to be aware of. This process of debt collection is getting another municipality to recognize a debt owed from another place or jurisdiction. Sometimes it takes a debt collection in Georgia lawyer to make this happen. Waving through, Stays of Enforcement or obtaining copies of documents with confusing names is time consuming. If filing dates are missed, money can be lost.

3 Facts About a Judgment to Collect Business Debts

1. How long a of judgment takes depends upon the court system the case is ruled in. If a civil court has jurisdiction or a superior court, there is no waiting period. However, if there is an appeal filed by the other party, the process may start again. Throughout most procedures, there is a 30-day waiting period. The person owing the debt has this length of time to appeal before you can collect anything. The period is longer if a default judgment was issued, 180 days. The best way to make sure every step of the collection process is done properly is to contact a debt collection law firm and get paid.

2. Any legal document is about accuracy. Names and addresses must be correctly stated, including spelling. If not, debt collection in Georgia cannot help collect money. It is crucial, no detail, however small, goes lacking. A debt collection lawyer in Georgia will cover every avenue. If a person does not have an attorney, it is seen as reasonable to ask others but only to get residential information and to find out where they work. It is not ethical to discuss a person’s debt with others. No matter how upset a person may be when money goes unpaid, a debtor has legal rights that are upheld by the courts. Threats of imprisonment, bodily harm, or any form of harassment, including false representation, is prohibited. A debt collection lawyer in Georgia can legally get monies you are owed in a civilized manner.

3. It is fine; to notify a person of a debt, but do not let this take on the form of harassment. If a person places in writing that, you are not to contact them, stop. Law prohibits certain behaviors. If they have the services of an attorney, all communications must go through the attorney. Even without an attorney, certain behaviors are not acceptable, calling before 8 in the morning, calling late at night and calling on the job once you have been informed this is inconvenient. Using a debt collection firm helps you avoid making frustrated mistakes. A debt collection lawyer is a professional, trained in procedural debt collection.

The court provides a legal route for a debt collection law firm to help you get the money legally owed. A debt collection attorney can manage your collections while you manage your business. Taking time away from other clients to handle delinquent debts is counter productive and an easier job for a Georgia debt collection attorney. It is understood, when contracts are signed that a debt has been created and parties agree that they will pay the debt. Unfortunately, sometimes this needs to be reinforced by legal means. This is the job of a Georgia debt collection attorney.